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Bobbies on the beat scrapped! It's Official

Who will pick up the pieces?

* With cuts to police budgets, there'll be no more Bobbies on the Beat - top cops say.
* DIY detectives are back, and the police need you!
* Public expected to investigate their own crimes.
Craig Mackey encourages DIY detectives, CCTV, and Alarms - watch clip above.

Two of the country's most senior police officers - Craig Mackey and Sara Thornton, 
have signalled that the era of routine patrols by "bobbies on the beat" has come to an end.

The Met have already closed 77 police stations.

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They said funding cuts would lead to a transformation in investigating crime.

Craig Mackey and Sara Thornton made their comments in separate interviews to BBC Newsnight.
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Watch the full video from BBC Newsnight broadcast 28th October 2015
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