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Don't get caught out by rogue traders
Posing as tree surgeons - doing the rounds

You could be putting yourself at risk of getting a criminal conviction!

Trees take a lifetime to grow but only minutes to destroy, don't let illegal tree works ruin your home –
and put you at risk of a criminal conviction.
Professional tree surgeons will not turn up unrequested, or pressure you to get work done -
always check the legal status of your tree with us at
You shouldn't be pressured into getting your tree pruned - always check with the council first.
tree surgeons doing the rounds
The trick for any homeowner is to learn how to spot scammers and avoid them before they have conned you.
Tree surgery scammers tend to target the elderly, single women and homes that they believe can afford to hand over cash, to have a ‘dangerous’ tree cut down or general tidying work done.
We strongly advise not to do business with this company. We would also urge residents to be mindful of any neighbours who may be intimidated into getting work done.
Watch the video below, to see how the scam works. Learn how to spot A fake.
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