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Lily Allen breaks down - after stalker hell

UK Singer Lily Allen was attacked in her bedroom, with a "weapon" by stalker Alex Grey, calling her a "f***ing b*tch". He'd been stalking the star for 7 years. Lily is campaigning for a new “stalking register”.

UK Singer, Lily Allen (29), breaks down in tears, after Stalker Alex Grey, broke into her bedroom - with a "weapon" calling her a "f***ing b*tch".
He'd been stalking her online for 7 years!

Lily Allen Stalker hell

After being let down by the police, and having to flee her home,
Lily Allen is now campaigning for a new “stalking register”.

Lily hopes this will help others that have been let down too, by online stalkers, who transfer their crimes into the real world. Lily revealed how she had become a ‘hermit’ after Alex Gray began stalking her.

Alex Gray was eventually caught and charged with burglary after he set Allen’s handbag on fire and left the charred remains on the bonnet of her car. Alex Gray of Perth in Scotland, was convicted of harassment and burglary at Harrow Crown Court and will be sentenced next month. His mum tried to get help for him for 20 years.

Heartbroken Michelle Gray said the police, social work and health services in Scotland and England have all failed to help 31-year-old Alex, who suffers from a catalogue of mental illnesses.

And she demanded to know how he was allowed to harass the 30-year-old singer despite her family’s repeated warnings and cries for help to the authorities since her son was a primary school pupil.

Lily Allen Stalker hell

Alex Grey first contacted Allen on Twitter in 2008, then began turning up at her home and office and leaving abusive notes and suicide threats.

He attended one of her gigs in 2009 holding a banner with a message to her, and last year broke into her flat and bedroom after she accidentally left a door unlocked.

"I'm lying in bed and I can see the door handle moving and then he steams in, starts screaming and shouting...
I could see he was really agitated and upset," Lily Allen told BBC Newsnight.

"I recoiled back into my bed and he ripped the duvet off and jumped out of bed and ran around to the other side of the room and he kept shouting at me, but he was very focused on me and it was loud and aggressive and he had something under his jumper."

She says that after repeated requests, police showed her a photo of Mr Gray "for 30 seconds" - but wouldn't let her keep it. As a result, she didn't recognise her stalker when he entered her bedroom.

"It transpires that he had sent an email to his mother saying that he was in London, had come into some money - probably from my handbag - and that he was determined to murder a celebrity. The police didn't tell me that. And I was living in the same flat, on my own," she told Newsnight.

"I was DJing at an event and I came home at about 1 o'clock in the morning to find the handbag that had been stolen on the bonnet of my car... At which point I called the police, and I think it was the next day they installed CCTV on the outside of my house and then a day after that he was arrested."

Lily Allen Stalker hell

Lily Allen had first alerted police to the problem in 2009 and gave them the notes as evidence.
She assumed that they would be used as part of the 2016 court case, but was told that they had been destroyed "according to police protocol". A panic alarm given to her was also taken away again when Gray left her alone for six months.

Lily Allen Stalker hell

The singer is supporting a campaign by the Women's Equality Party and the stalking advocacy service Paladin to set up a register for serial stalkers.

Up to 700,000 women are stalked each year, with only 1% of stalking cases and 16% of harassment cases recorded by police, according to Paladin.

But Lily Allen said she didn't blame Gray for her ordeal.

"I'm not in the slightest bit angry with Alex Gray. I could see from the minute he came into my bedroom that he was ill and that he needed help.

"I wanted to help - I felt immediately like there's something really wrong with this guy and I feel like he's been let down. I've been let down. And how many other people are being let down?"

Watch the clip from BBC newsnight below.

In a statement the Met said: "The victim should be at the heart of any investigation into such allegations and kept informed of developments as this work progresses. If this is not the case then we are keen to speak to victims and learn any lessons we can to improve our investigations."

If you need any advice staying safe from online stalkers, contact us on the main page

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