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Official advice on how to react in Paris-style attack

People should run and hide from a Paris-style gun attack rather than lie down, according to official guidance.

What To Do In A Terror Attack - Full Guidance

- Escape if you can.
- Consider the safest options.
- Is there a safe route? RUN if not HIDE.
- Can you get there without exposing yourself to greater danger?
- Insist others leave with you.
- Leave belongings behind.

- If you can’t RUN, HIDE.
- Find cover from gunfire.
- If you can see the attacker, they may be able to see you.
- Cover from view does not mean you are safe, bullets go through glass, brick, wood and metal.
- Find cover from gunfire e.g. substantial brickwork / heavy reinforced walls.
- Be aware of your exits.
- Try not to get trapped.
- Be quiet, silence your phone.
- Lock / barricade yourself in.
- Move away from the door.

Call 999 - What do the police need to know?
- Location - Where are the suspects?
- Direction - Where did you last see the suspects?
- Descriptions – Describe the attacker, numbers, features, clothing, weapons etc.
- Further information – Casualties, type of injury, building information, entrances, exits, hostages etc.
- Stop other people entering the building if it is safe to do so.

Armed Police Response
- Follow officers’ instructions.
- Remain calm.
- Can you move to a safer area?
- Avoid sudden movements that may be considered a threat.
- Keep your hands in view.

Officers may
- Point guns at you.
- Treat you firmly.
- Question you.
- Be unable to distinguish you from the attacker.
- Officers will evacuate you when it is safe to do so.

You must STAY SAFE
- What are your plans if there were an incident?
- What are the local plans? e.g. personal emergency evacuation plan.

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