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Sam Pepper OUTRAGE over 'kidnap & murder' prank

Star pretended to kill a vine star in front of his best friend

SAM Pepper has sparked outrage with his latest video. 

The controversial YouTube star has been criticised over his videos in the past, but his latest creation, which sees him pretend to kill a teeanger, has sent fans into a frenzy online. 

kidnap, Close protection, mediabodyguard
Users have slammed the joke

In the clip Sam kidnaps vine star Sam Golbachh and bundles him into a car with a hood over his head. 

kidnap, Close protection, mediabodyguard

As he’s tied to a chair at the time, there’s nothing he can do as the masked man steps up next to a hooded Colby and presses the gun to his temple, before pulling the trigger.

murder, Close protection, mediabodyguard

The masked man then walks out of frame, leaving the ‘dead’ Colby lying on the floor and Sam Golbach sobbing in fear and grief.

Shortly after Golbachh burtsts into tears, Sam and Colby reveal that the entire thing was a prank. 

Fans of Sam have taken to social media following the release of the video and SLAMMED the star for his "cruel" joke. 

murder, Close protection, mediabodyguard

Luckily no-one got hurt in the making of the video, but viewers can see Golbach crying hysterically as he hears the gun go off and thinks his friend has just been killed

"Please do us all a favor and remove sam pepper from the YouTube community (if thats possible)," said one user. 

"Sam Pepper is actual scum, that "prank" video is absolutely shocking."

Another added: "Sam Pepper's prank was really horrible what are you thinking". 

The YouTuber has upset fans with his latest video - has he gone too far?
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