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WATCH: Police remove GPS tracker planted by Criminal Gang

A gang used James Bond-style tracking devices to stalk cannabis farmers and steal their lucrative crop.

Criminal gang sentenced for 3 years, conspiracy to commit a burglary, after planting 19x GPS trackers, under cars.
They planted matchbox-sized GPS ‘trackers’ on customers’ cars to pinpoint their stashes and the best time to steal them. The gang also got tip-offs from other crooks who knew they ‘robbed grows’.

One victim was even taunted by Calder’s fellow ‘director’ Dale Hall ‘that his head would be blown off’ unless he returned the magnetic device they had hidden on his car.

In October 2014, the gang appeared in Court. Watch the video below, to see how the police smashed a dangerous gang, with access to weapons and drugs.
Police take swabs of GPS tracker
Police take swabs of the GPS tracker.
  • Five-man gang fitted tracker bugs to cars of suspected dealers, court heard
  • They then followed the cars and raided cannabis farms for drugs
  • Leader of the gang and his mother were then shot outside a bingo hall
  • Police moved in fearing the shooting would spark a gang war in Manchester
  • Gang given sentences of between two and four years for the conspiracy
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